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As DVR is one of the leading contract electronic manufacturing services in the UK (CEM) our aim is to always be proactive and invest in equipment and services that often is driven by the demands of our customers. At DVR we pride ourselves on our professional bespoke facility that we believe is our best-selling tool. Inviting customers to visit our facility in Basildon, Essex is not a necessity but a demand. Our commitment to our customers is so driven that we believe the facility must reflect the attitude of our work force. Which is why DVR invest so heavily in new equipment and training for our employees. Over the last few years DVR have invested millions of pounds in new machines and equipment. We have just introduced a new wave solder system, X-ray inspection, 3D AOI inspection, selective soldering, and now conformal coating due to the growing demands of our customers.

It is important to keep growing and keeping pace with modern manufacturing methods and technologies. As components are constantly changing to necessitate the increasing demand for technology then the technology to manufacture, fit and inspect the devices becomes more critical and precise. DVR have never been afraid to keep pace with modern methods of electronic assembly this can only be achieved with a proactive attitude and the desire to be innovative when required to meet customers expectations.  

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Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene. We are passionate about helping you improve your business – from raising the bottom line, to making your working life better.

We always strive to be on top of your needs and getting all the important details in place. This is the ambition that drives our people and cutting edge innovations, every single day. Let’s get ready for business.

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Process Automation

Process Automation, founded in 2014, aims at serving the industry with a unique comprehensive approach applied to smart processing concepts to enhance productivity and flows.

Through a vast network of partnerships and co-operations we provide customers with industrial machinery and solutions, ranging different levels of automation, granting our customers full support when implementation of new equipment or integration of existing one is required.

We can take care of everything related to it: from the collection of technical specification, to designing the most suitable process, scouting the proper supplier and managing the project, including complimentary services (such as financing, transportation and the like).

Our services allow you to keep the focus on the day-to-day work, without giving up growth, while we take care of the development of your projects.

Having acquired its background in the competitive North American market, Process Automation has been established in the UK to become a European hub, joining leading manufacturers and ingenious Italian engineering.

We pride ourselves of being the linchpin between customers and suppliers, enhancing the array of possibilities both parties can take advantage of, in any way: technically, economically, logistically and performance wise.

Manufacturing process efficiency at any level and costs optimization are our watchwords.

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