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Our carefully curated programme is specifically designed to help UK manufacturing and engineering professionals navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that 2021 will present.

10th February 2.30pm - 5:00pm

Maintaining Manufacturing and Distribution Channels in a Crisis - 10th February 2.30pm

DVR's Presentation will discuss how electronic manufacturers can deliver within a crisis (Covid pandemic), using a case study of DVR’s which saw them introduce a new medical device, working to prototype the device through to high-volume production, in March. It will detail processes and how manufacturers can/need to adapt to the new challenges.

Equipped to Improve - 10th February 3pm

Within a continuous improvement culture small changes make an impact on quality, cost and delivery.

We will show how Tork wiping & cleaning solutions might improve productivity if being part of autonomous and planned maintenance. Tork offers a customized site survey to select the most appropriate solutions to tasks performed on site.

Panel discussion: building resilience in manufacturing supply chains - 10th February 3.30pm

The Engineer and RS Components will bring together experts from across industry to explore some of the latest thinking around ensuring resilient supply chain management. It will examine some of the measures that can be taken to manage supply chain risks and disruption, and to build future fit supply chains

24th February 2.30pm - 5.00pm

Launching your augmented analytics journey - 24th February 2.30pm

Discover how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can turn your data into insight.

As a long-standing SAP Business One Gold Partner, Ochiba Business Solutions, have taken the analytics journey alongside SAP. Reporting and business intelligence were previously notoriously expensive and difficult to achieve, but now we’ve reached a point where AI makes these things both easy to achieve and very cost effective.

How to engineer an industry bounce-back: The Engineer & aPriori online panel discussion - 24th February 3.00pm

Last summer The Engineer magazine, in partnership with digital manufacturing software specialist aPriori, conducted an audience survey on the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s industrial engineering base.

In this free to attend online panel discussion, recorded in September last year, experts from across industry consider the findings of this research and explore some of the ways in which engineering organisations both large and small, and from a range of different sectors are adapting to this new environment.

Through a combination of practical advice, expert insight, and best practice case studies, delegates will learn how digitalisation is helping engineering organisations overcome some of these practical challenges, enabling them to do more with less and helping them to sharpen their competitive edge.

How to eliminate your warehouse inefficiencies with a solutions from only £250.00 per week - 24th February 4.30pm

Efforts to improve efficiency over the past century have often focused on the reduction of waste but what does waste mean?

Any expense or effort that doesn’t generate a product or a service that a potential client is willing to pay for is classified as waste.
And when running a retail, manufacturing, supply, or fulfilment business, the warehouse is crucial to your success.

Modula will show you how switching to a vertical lift module system can eliminate waste, both in factories and warehouse and how you can benefit from this solution for only £250.00 per week.

10th March 1:30pm - 3:30pm

China Manufacturing – Difficulties & why it should be in Your Supply Chain - 10th March 1.30PM GMT

With Brexit done and Global Britain growing, join a lively discussion with China veteran Nick Cunningham and learn the difficulties of dealing with China, how to avoid the many pitfalls of doing business in and with China, but also why it should still be a key location in your supply chain.

Panel discussion: Electrifying transport through cross sector collaboration - 10th March 2:00pm

Learn from leading industry experts about the latest developments in transport electrification and the importance of cross sector collaboration.

With transportation accounting for more than a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, innovations in electrification across all areas of the sector will be key to enabling the UK to achieve its 2050 net zero ambitions.

Originally recorded in October last year, this special panel discussion will bring together leading engineers from organisations including Ricardo, Rolls-Royce Plc, The Advanced Propulsion Centre and UKRI to discuss UK progress in electrification.

This session will explore the latest trends and technologies that are driving electrification across different sectors, examine the obstacles to electrification and consider the ways in which cross-sector collaboration can help overcome some of these challenges.

Changing Automation Trends – Electrification - 10th March 3:30pm

Requirements in modern industrial applications are increasingly complex. With many options to choose from such as pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuation, selecting the best solution for each application is essential. The industry is increasingly opting for electric actuation as the seemingly cleaner, quieter solution.

But is it really that straightforward and what should you consider before selecting the best actuation solution? Join our webinar to hear from our product experts.

17th March - 2:30pm - 5.00pm

How to win friends and influence people on LinkedIn - 17th March 2.30 PM 

LinkedIn and the way people use it, has changed dramatically over the past 12 months.

Steve is a top 1% LinkedIn user and publisher of the weekly LinkedIn Manufacturing top 10 chart.

He will show you how to change what you do, in order to stand out, build relationships and ultimately generate new business opportunities on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of a £24bn sales boost with direct to consumer sales - 17th March 3.00 PM 

Join Chris Beck, editor of Manufacturing Management, for this engaging panel discussion sponsored by Sage.

Originally recorded earlier this year, the panel discuss how manufacturers should be taking advantage of 'Direct to Consumer' (D2C) channels.

Reducing your inspection time by up to 98% - 17th March 4.30 PM

How can you make your quality inspection process as efficient as possible?

Due to the demanding nature of the manufacturing industry, engineers are tasked with inspecting a wide range of complex parts to extremely tight tolerances. That can include anything from tiny bearings, shafts, and brake components, all the way up to large outer casings for aircrafts.

Keyence’s metrology specialist will show you how the IM-7500 Image Dimension Measurement System can eliminate downtime, operator error and add value to your manufacturing process through live-action demonstrations on real life samples.

24th March - 2:30pm - 3.30pm

An offbeat approach to near-shoring - 24th March 2.30PM

Since the pandemic has started, we have all realized how critical transportation and traveling can be, hence the importance of preserving a good percentage of self-sufficiency.

Nevertheless, we live in a globalized world, and often the impossibility of drawing from international sources is limiting the options; sometimes it even limits the growth, as not every company is structured to cope with a complex project management.

At Process Automation London Ltd, since 2014, our qualified method and skillful services ensure continuous improvement in manufacturing.

There is always a way to make your production process more efficient.

Budget 2021: How will it impact UK manufacturing? - 24th March 3.00 PM

​Following the Chancellor's Budget announcement on 3 March, Manufacturing Management pulled together a panel of experts to discuss the implications for UK manufacturing.

The panel unpicks the ins and outs of the Budget - from the furlough extension to the announcement of free ports - and assesses how the sector is shaping up to recover post-COVID.