Precision Component Services Limited are now exporting turned parts to Europe and North America

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

2020, the year the world changed due to Covid and the struggles that then brought to many people, families, livelihoods and businesses not just in the UK but globally.

Precision Components have faced many difficulties like a lot of companies out there but not all has been doom and gloom. With their dynamic work force they managed to secure 4 months’ worth of ventilator parts which they manufactured alongside their existing customers work.

As well as this they have managed to get on board 30+ new customers and have even secured contracts with companies over in Iceland, Mexico, Germany and America.

A small but growing company in Gloucester are now looking to supply Precision Turned parts across the world, MD Shane Norris said “We are working extremely hard to grow the business and to find new customers both in the UK and around the world, despite Covid and the uncertainties of Brexit we are focused on looking forward and finding positives out there”

Precision Components have 2 factories which are filled with Sliding Head machines and Fixed Head machines giving them the capacity to manufacture turned parts from 3mm in diameter up to 300mm in diameter.

For more information please see their website or contact